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Rex Maddox Scholarship certificate

Mt. Vernon Chapter MOAA
Scholarship Program  
Mount Vernon Chapter Scholarship Program


Mount Vernon chapter’s scholarship fund program was established in 2002 as an incentive and recognition for outstanding young men and women enrolled in a high school JROTC program who choose to continue their military training at an accredited institution of higher learning and who have been recommended by their senior military instructors (SMI). This fund is registered as a charitable organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our chapter’s scholarship fund differs from the scholarship program administered by MOAA’s national headquarters because it is a one-time grant made to selected students who have participated in JROTC, with no need to make repayment. The only condition for the chapter’s grant is that the recipient must enroll in a college or university officer training program, such as ROTC, and state their intention to pursue a commission in one of the US armed forces. Students who have been selected to attend one of the service academies are also eligible to receive this award. Since the grant is payable to the institution for the benefit of the student, it must be used for tuition and other fees, or living expenses, such as room and board and educational materials. The amount awarded varies annually, depending on the funds available and the number of students selected to receive the grant.

A selection board, composed of at least three members of the chapter, including the chair person of the Scholarship Fund shall review the application of each candidate and their SMI’s evaluation of their past performance and suitability for service as a commissioned officer. The selection process is rigorous and detailed information regarding each student’s academic achievements, extracurricular and athletics activities, and demonstrated motivation to become a commissioned officer are all evaluated by each selection board member. The SMI’s recommendation is given special emphasis and consideration in the application package. Then the board members will interview each applicant individually to review their qualifications and to determine their relative ranking and level of award to be granted. When an unusual condition prevents personal interviews, the chapter board of directors may decide by simple majority with the concurrence of the Chapter president, to make awards based on their assessments of the candidates’ qualifications presented in the application and the SMI’s recommendation.

After the selection process is completed, successful applicants will be notified though their SMIs and Mount Vernon chapter members will present awards during a regularly scheduled JROTC award ceremony at the students’ schools, or if this is not possible, by separate arrangement.

Commander Rex A. Maddox Scholarship

Mount Vernon Chapter established the Commander Rex A. Maddox Scholarship in memory of a distinguished chapter leader. It is presented at the selection board’s discretion to a graduating JROTC student who will be continuing in a college level officer training program at either an ROTC institution or a service academy.

Scholarship Fund Contributions

Pease join other chapter members and friends in encouraging outstanding JROTC students to enter officer training programs through contributions to the Mount Vernon Chapter Scholarship Fund. Gifts may be tax deductible if you choose to itemize them using IRS Schedule A. Please send your contribution to:

MVC/MOAA, P.O. Box 97, Mount Vernon, VA 22121-0097

MOAA ROTC Medal Program

Each year, the chapter may award MOAA ROTC medals to outstanding JROTC students at area high schools who are completing their junior year. The medal was created to recognize exceptional leadership and academic achievements of JROTC students.The school’s Senior Military Instructor will designate the recipient and request that a chapter representative present the medal at an awards ceremony It is presented to students who demonstrate a high potential for military leadership.

To be eligible for the MOAA JROTC medal, the student must:

  • Be in the next to last year in the JROTC program (usually the junior year in high school)
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Be of high moral character
  • Evince a high order of loyalty to unit, school and country
  • Show exceptional potential for military leadership
  • Be recommended by the Senior Military Instructor (SMI)


The Mount Vernon Chapter Scholarship Fund makes cash awards to selected graduates of JROTC units at area high schools who will enroll in officer training courses at accredited institutions of higher learning, including ROTC units or service academies. The fund is supported by contributions of chapter members and others who wish to encourage graduating JROTC students who choose to pursue a commission in the US armed forces. Contributions may be tax deductible in accordance with current Internal Revenue Service regulations if you choose to itemize them using Schedule A.

Please mail donations to MVC/MOAA, P.O. Box 97, Mount Vernon, VA 22121-0097

Mt. Vernon Chapter MOAA
Mt. Vernon Chapter MOAA
Mt. Vernon Chapter MOAA
Mt. Vernon Chapter MOAA

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